I have a file with 3439726 characters. When I open the file with a text editor, I see 11183 lines of text.
I need to load this file in excel (line by line) and the maximum number of lines a worksheet would accept is 65536.
Therefore I need to read the file and split it in three, to be able to load each of the three parts in a separate worksheet.
for some reason, I cannot read the file 'line by line':
when I use <<line input#1, t$>>, t$ IS the whole file, so I am trying to find the character which splits the file into lines.

So I used this code:

Open f$ For Input As 1
Open g$ For Output As 2
Line Input #1, t$ <=== get the whole file as a string
Ln = Len(t$)
For i = 1 To Ln
s$ = Mid(t$, i, 1)
Print #2, s$, Asc(s$)
Next i
Close 1
Close 2

hoping to find a ASCII value I could use as separator. When I look at the output file at the location where the 'line breaker' should be, I get nothing, just two empty spaces,
i.e. instead of seeing some values for s$, Asc(s$), I see an empty line.

Looks like for that character, there is no ASCII value. I don't get it.

Please advise

Thank you