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    Unanswered: Sys_Connect_By_Path issue

    I have a view in which i have following after where condition:
    where ch.container_hierarchy_id in
    REPLACE(sys_connect_by_path(lpad(ci.container_id,1 0,'0'),' '),' ','') pathNoSequence
    from container_item ci
    where ((container_child_id is null) OR (container_child_id = getRelevantContainerId(s.student_id,container_chil d_id,ci.object_lookup_id,ci.object_type,sysdate)))
    start with ci.container_id = ch.root_container_id
    connect by prior getRelevantContainerId(s.student_id,ci.container_c hild_id,ci.object_lookup_id,ci.object_type,sysdate ) = ci.container_id)

    When i run the view i got the below error:
    ORA-30004: when using SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH function, cannot have seperator as part of column value
    The Container_id is integer.Please help in resolving the above issue.


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    did you try removing the lpad? once it comes out of the lpad it is no longer numeric due to your adding characters to it. You did realize that correct?
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