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    Unanswered: PHP5 Blobs

    Hi all,

    The following script is for uploading a file as a blob to a mysql database. The first is the form, which asks you to give a description and to select a file.

    On clicking to upload it is stating that i have not given a description or selected a file. I have done my best to find the issue (maybe a capital letter or something, but im a bit baffled

    <title> Upload a File </title>
    <form enctype="multipart/form-data" name="frmUploadFile" action="grabfile.php" method="post">
    Upload a File
    <br>Please select a file to upload </p>
    File Description:		<input type="text" name="strDesc" size="20" maxlength="50"> <br />
    File Location:			<input type="file" name="fileUpload" size="20"></font></td><br />
    							<input type="submit" value="Upload this file" name="cmdSubmit"></font>
    // GrabFile.php: Takes the details
    // of the new file posted as part
    // of the form and adds it to the
    // myBlobs table of our myFiles DB.
    global $strDesc;
    global $fileUpload;
    global $fileUpload_name;
    global $fileUpload_size;
    global $fileUpload_type;
    // Make sure both a description and
    // file have been entered
    if(isset($strDesc) || $fileUpload == "none")
    die("You must enter both a description and file");
    // Database connection variables
    $dbServer = "localhost";
    $dbDatabase = "localhost";
    $dbUser = "whitep8";
    $dbPass = "pw002f1945";
    $fileHandle = fopen($fileUpload, "r");
    $fileContent = fread($fileHandle, $fileUpload_size);
    $fileContent = addslashes($fileContent);
    $sConn = mysql_connect($dbServer, $dbUser, $dbPass)
    or die("Couldn't connect to database server");
    $dConn = mysql_select_db($dbDatabase, $sConn)
    or die("Couldn't connect to database $dbDatabase");
    $dbQuery = "INSERT INTO myBlobs VALUES ";
    $dbQuery .= "(0, '$strDesc', '$fileContent', '$fileUpload_type')";
    mysql_query($dbQuery) or die("Couldn't add file to database");
    echo "<h1>File Uploaded</h1>";
    echo "The details of the uploaded file are shown below:<br><br>";
    echo "<b>File name:</b> $fileUpload_name <br>";
    echo "<b>File type:</b> $fileUpload_type <br>";
    echo "<b>File size:</b> $fileUpload_size <br>";
    echo "<b>Uploaded to:</b> $fileUpload <br><br>";
    echo "<a href='uploadfile.php'>Add Another File</a>";

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    most likely is that the $Request or $Post variables haven't been configured as "auto on" in the PHP INI script, which is fair enough as it seen as bad practice and a potential security breach

    So instead encapsulate the variables that you use in your script with
    ...depending what variable you want to use
    PHP Code:
    if(isset($_POST["strDesc"]) || $_POST["$fileUpload"] == "none"
    I think you can import the $Post & $Request variables so you can use without the prefix $_POST[" or $_REQUEST[" but thats depracated
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    php blobs


    I have tried your suggestion but to no avail. I cant help think theres something wrong with the main firm, not the php.


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