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    Unanswered: use same query criteria for more than one field in record

    Within each of my records I have several places where a date needs to be entered. I want to set up a query that will pull any record that has a date anywhere within that record between the dates specified by the user. Example:

    datefridgepaid - fridgeamount - fridgesource
    dateroofpaid - roofamount - roofsource
    datefurnacepaid - furnaceamount - furnacesource

    In total I have 11 of these date fields. I have a form set up to accept the dates so that they only need to be entered once. Normally I would use the "Or" option in the query criteria to do this, however since there are more than 9 options, is there another way to do this? Or is there a way I can increase the "or" options within the query?

    I am using access 2007.

    Thanks for your help.

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    You can probably change the query to SQL view and manually add the remaining fields. In my opinion though, you should rethink the design. You should not have repeating fields, rather a related table with those 3 basic fields plus another to denote the type (fridge, roof, etc) and one with the key field from the existing table to relate the tables together. More info on normalization here:

    Fundamentals of Relational Database Design --

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    Thanks for your help. That worked perfectly. And I'll take a look at that article that you linked. I'm working with a database that was designed by someone else, and I'm still new. So I have some limitations, but I'm sure it'll help.

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