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    Unanswered: Need a little Calendar help from experts

    I am trying to set up an access database to help me scedule my service technitions. The process is simple but my programming skills are not even up to that mark. Should just stay with plc's. I put Calendar 11.0 on my form. I wished to be able to click a date and it would go to the record with that date in it. Each record would have a unique date in the record set. For instance a record would be like-date,job slot 1-job slot 2-job slot 3-ect. I just wish to hit one date on the calendar and pull up where all the service techs are working on that day. I hope this is clear. This snags will drive me to the liquor store. Thanks in advance. I have attached a print screen of the basic concept that I have trying to solve.
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    An easy one!?

    AfterUpdate of the calendar object, reset the SQL of your [sub]form to include the date selected and requery the [sub]form to show the data.

    I am making a lot of assumptions here though. Nor do I know what a "plc" is. Dunno what "slot 1" is either. And I have my liquor delivered
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    Thank you for replying. I do automation programming on the side, that is what the plc was about. My knowledge of access is not enough to take what you said and run with it. Could you point me towards a tutorial that might help get me up to speed on this? Very much appreciated.

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