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    Unanswered: IBM DB2 and Access '97

    I am using IBM DB2 v7.2 on Server 2003 using Access '97 (has to be '97 due to the program that it runs with).
    I am in need of making the minutes (which look like such(12.9877)) to equal HH:MM:ss
    This is what I have come up with in the Reports field but still I am unable to get a correct result:
    Also the FFF is pointing to the Queries and is set to: FFF: DateDiff("n",[TEST_PERFORMED],[TEST_ACQUIRED])
    I have tried many diff option in rewriting this to work. Any ideas are welcome...
    Sorry about the first rev of this question...
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    Can you restate your question, I can't figure out what it is you are asking.

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