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    Unanswered: setting up access control in db2 9.5


    We use Db2 9.5.4 on Windows 2008.

    We have some users in the server that are in administrator group. These users are not configured as database user or set in data base user group. But they are still able to connect to the database and access the tables.

    We double checked the 'Public' group in database. it does not have previleges to connect to database nor previleges to access tables.

    How can we prevent these windows administrative users from accessin the database?


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    By default the local Administrators group members have SYSADM authority over all DB2 instances. Provided that the Windows extended security is enabled (which it is by default), you will need to specify a particular group in the DB2 instance configuration parameter SYSADM_GROUP, e.g. "db2 update dbm cfg using SYSADM_GROUP DB2ADMNS". Make sure that the users that do need SYSADM access are in that group though.
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    That worked. Thanks very much

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