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    Unanswered: Insert French Chararacters

    Hi Expert,

    I don't know how to insert French Character to DB. I'm using Oracle 10G and my DB do support UTF8.

    Anyone know how to do it? sample of my french character as below :-
    1. À portée d'éjections
    2. Élimination des matériaux

    Thank in advance


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    Basically you insert those characters just like anything else.

    There are some things to consider though to make sure that the whole "chain" treats the characters correctly. But that depends completely on your environment

    * Which application do you use to do your inserts? (SQL*Plus, your own application, some kind of SQL query tool, SQL*Loader)

    * What kind of interface are you using (JDBC, OCI, ODBC)

    * Where does the data come from? (Web Application, Fat Client, Text Files)

    * Which operating system is used when running the insert (or the application or the query tool, or ...)

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