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    Smile Unanswered: Book for DB2 scripting

    Okay. I come to the tree of knowledge. And kneel at the alter of information, posing this question.
    I need a good book on scripting and DB2. I have skills with PL/SQL and SQL Server(SQUELLLLLLL). But know I work for a Company that uses DB2 for most of it's database storage. So is their a printed book that will help me learn scripting and proper formation of SQL and DB2, like prompts(&), column formating and spooling to a file with results. All RDBMS engines have there on twist on the same stuff.


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    You are lucky - the legacy DB2 command line processor (CLP) does not support prompts or column formatting, so there isn't much to learn. At the bottom of this page: IBM - DB2 database product documentation you will find links to the PDF manuals for your DB2 version. Download Command Reference and print it if you are not too much concerned about the destruction of rain forests.

    DB2 9.7 comes with a much improved CLP, which is called, surprisingly, clpplus. It is mostly compatible with Oracle's SQL*Plus, so again, there is not much to learn. Details can be found here: What's new in DB2 V9.7: SQL*Plus compatible command line processor has been added
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