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    Unanswered: Timer

    Hi guys,
    I've had good response from some people regarding the "Automatic Logout due to inactivity". Its working perfect! Now I want to make it even neater. Can someone help me find a way so show the time tick down as the database logs out. IOW, how can I let the people see the countdown untill the database closes?

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    Might be helpful to provide a rundown on how your autokicker is set up
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    Here is the Module I created:

    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit
    '* This module can be used with the Inactive Shut Down Form. It is optional. Excluding this
    '* module will not cause a compile error.
    '* The purpose of this module is to allow for all forms in the database to close when an Inactive
    '* Timeout occurs. If a form has some prompt for user input in the form BeforeUpdate or Close event procedure
    '* then the Inactive Shut Down Form will not be able to shut down the application. By checking the
    '* value of the variable below in this situation, code that prompts for user input can be bypassed
    '* and the form can be automatically closed. The variable is set to True when an Inactive Timeout
    '* occurs.
    '* Ex.:
    '* Private Sub Form_Close()
    '* If gintInactiveTimeout then
    '* '* Skip the prompt for user input and close the form
    '* Else
    '* '* Prompt the user for some information
    '* If MsgBox("Some prompt for user input", acYesNo) = acYes Then
    '* '* Some code might run here
    '* Else
    '* '* Some other code might run here
    '* End If
    '* End If
    '* End Sub

    '* This is the global variable used by the Inactive Shut Down Form:

    Global gintInactiveTimeout As Integer

    Function isd_SetInactiveTimeoutVar(blnTrueOrFalse As Boolean) As Integer
    '* This routine is used to set the value of the global Inactive Timeout variable
    If blnTrueOrFalse = True Then
    gintInactiveTimeout = True
    gintInactiveTimeout = False
    End If
    End Function

    This opens another form, that tells the user He/She will be logged out within a few minutes.

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