I am an abosolute beginner with access so please bear with me while I explain what I want to do.
I am in charge of a community music organisation which has a lot of contacts and I am hoping that access can make my life easier. Using access 2007, I have tried both the contacts management template and the students template and neither offer exactly what I am after.

What I want.

I am after a complete contact list for the organisation that will include the following fields:

1)First Name
2)Last Name
3)Capacity - (playing member, non playing member, ex member, mailing list recipient, Deputy Player)
5)Additional Role
6)Mobile Phone
7)Home Phone
8)Email Address
9)Address - (UK only. street, town, county, postcode)
10)Date Joined
11) Date Left
12)File Attachments

The above needs to be searchable by items 2, 3 and 4
I know the above can easiliy be done by modifying the contacts template but I also want the following:

An attendance register that includes only playing members as selected in the above form. Also a report that will show the attendance of the whole group and individual players as a percentage.

If anyone knows of a more appropriate template for the above or can give me complete step by step instructions then I would be grateful.

Sorry for being so thick but as I have mentioned, I am a complete access newbie.