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    Question Unanswered: HELP: AS400 to MS ACCESS

    Help me please...

    Is there any easy or simple way to transfer a file from ms as400 to ms access??
    for now, what i do is to get the file from the server (which filetype is "file") then open it in notepad to makr it (.txt) and then twist open it on msexcel then to ms access... is there any automatic or simple way to do this??

    thanks a lot!

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    Access doesn't care about file extensions. What is the real file format you're getting from the AS400? The extension isn't important...
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Original file format "Filename.dtf"
    dtf -> data transfer file
    i used to open it to notepad first, so that it can be readable..
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    What do you intend to do with the data?

    If you need to edit it and then upload the changes to the AS/400, then you should transfer it to an Excel file:
    1. On the Data Transfer from iSeries screen, click Details...
    2. Choose the BIFF7(MS Excel 7) file type and click OK
    3. Make sure the File name is an xls file (e.g. output.xls)
    4. Complete the transfer and do what you want with it in Excel.

    If you need the data to remain synchronized between the PC version and the AS/400 version, you should just create an ODBC connection using the iSeries Access ODBC Driver or equivalent. Specify the data source name, the default library, and the library list. You can then use a pass-through query to get the data into Access. Keep in mind that you can't edit the data this way, without creating an action query. Easy as pie.


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    I used to administer an Access database that hooked into the production AS400 via ODBC and connected to a file that was the result of a query running. We then ran several make table queries on the resulting linked table to produce native Access tables of the data that we required.

    All you need is an ODBC link to your AS400, and it will produce linked tables in your Access database.

    BE CAREFUL! The default access level of ODBC is read/write. This is why we used a query output as the AS400 destination of the link - even if we over-wrote stuff, we could re-create it. (And yes, I have once carelessly edited live AS400 data via an ODBC link in Access...)
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