Hoping someone can help me on a report I am trying to create in Crystal Reports 10.
I am linking to Sage Line 50 2009 and having a problem getting my report to run. I am trying to link the PURCHASE_ORDER , POP_ITEM, & PRICE tables so that I can view a PURCHASE ORDER and see whether the price in a particular Purchase Order POP_ITEM/FOREIGN_ITEMS_NET is the same as the price for that item in the PRICE table for that supplier. When I try to link the tables Crystal just locks up with an Accessing Database message. PURCHASE ORDER table is linked to POP ITEMS table via ORDER_NO.
PURCHASE ORDER is linked to the PRICE table from ACCOUNT_REF. to PRICE_REF. POP_ITEM is linked to PRICE from STOCK_CODE to STOCK_CODE.

Bit of a newbie so please be gentle with me.