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    Unanswered: Row cannot be located for updating

    July 22, 2009

    Hello anyone out there,

    The table tblHeading has only ONE record which I update now and then.

    With adoHeading.Recordset
    Deyt = "As of " & Format(Date, "mmmm dd, yyyy")
    !hAsof = Deyt
    !hPrintedBy = "Printed by: " & User
    !hCompany = CompanyName
    !hAddress = CompanyAddr
    !hSSSId = CompanySss
    !hMedId = CompanyMed
    !hIbgId = CompanyIbg
    !hTIN = CompanyTin
    !hTelephone = CompanyTel
    End With

    In MS Access, the VB6 code above works very well. But when I converted the table to SQL and run the code, there is error that says:

    Row cannot be located for updating. Some values may have been changed since it was last read.

    How can the row be not located when there is only ONE record in the table?
    Please help. Thanks.


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    how do u wrote your SQL?

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    strSQL ="update MyTable set hAsof = 'As of " & Format(Date, "mmmm dd, yyyy") & "'" _
    ", hPrintedBy = 'Printed by: " & User "'" & _
    rest of the sql bearing in mind string/text/char fields must be encapsualted in " or '

    then either
    docmd****nsql strsql


    currentproject.connection.execute strsql
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