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Thread: Queue size

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    Unanswered: Queue size

    Please let me know the commands to find out the inbound/outbound queue sizes in replication?

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    The 'admin disk_space' command on the repserver in question will show the total segments used on each partition.

    Something like this run in the RepServer's RSSD will probably do the trick :
    select 'DB/Site'=convert(char(40),d.dsname+'.'+d.dbname), 'Q_Type'=case q_type when 0 then 'OBQ' else 'IBQ' end, 'Size_Mb'=count(used_flag)
    from rs_segments s, rs_databases d
    where used_flag = 1
    and s.q_number = d.dbid
    group by d.dsname+'.'+d.dbname, q_type, used_flag
    select 'DB/Site'=convert(char(40),name), 'Q_Type'='RSI', 'Size_Mb'=count(used_flag)
    from rs_segments s, rs_sites t
    where used_flag = 1
    and s.q_number =
    group by name, q_type, used_flag
    order by 'DB/Site', Q_Type
    Output will be similar to this :
    DB/Site                                  Q_Type Size_Mb     
    -------                                  ------ ----------- 
    DRL20SYB1.LdnArenaProd                   OBQ              1 
    INVLCDBDRP.bobj                          OBQ              1 
    INVLCDBDRP.livedr                        OBQ              1 
    INVLCDBDRP.rssd_drp                      IBQ              1 
    INVLCDBDRP.rssd_drp                      OBQ              1 
    INVLCDBPRD_REP                           RSI              1

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