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    Unanswered: expression..

    hi every one...

    Does anyone knew whats wrong in this expression in..

    Application Source: DLookUp("[Sales Type Description2]","[RegionalApplicationSource]","[Sales Type Description]=" & nz([Sales Type Description],0))

    i used this in select query.. Sales Type Description hold string like "Agency Prior" or " Walkin SM", etc. while Sales Type Description2 contains "Agency" or "FinalDevelopment"..

    when i run the query i get the error:

    "Syntaz error: Missing operator in query expression '[Sales Type Description]=Agency Prior'

    but here in my other select query, this below expression works.. they are almost the same except for the data fields..

    Application Source: DLookUp("[Group]","[LEC_Consumer]","[SO Number]=" & nz([So Number],0))

    Group contains stings like "Mail To Mail" or "Metro Gwapo"
    SO Number contains number..

    san some one help me on this..

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    if the column in the table is string the parameter must be enclosed in quote marks, either " or '

    "[Sales Type Description]='" & [Sales Type Description] & "'",0))
    "[Sales Type Description]=" & chr(34) & [Sales Type Description] & chr(34),0))
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    thanks a lot! now i can move on... weeeeeeeeewwww!

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