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    I am learning to use a database. I got postgresql 8.3 installed om my ubuntu and was wondering what is the difference between pgadmin111 and using it from command line. Is there a book or a website where i can learn how to use this.

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    pgAdmin is for windows fans, you can click here to do many things with psql you have to use keyboard .
    Did you read manual for pgadmin at
    pgAdmin: PostgreSQL administration and management tools
    and postgresql manual at
    PostgreSQL: Documentation: Manuals: PostgreSQL 8.3: PostgreSQL 8.3.7 Documentation

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    pgAdmin is a GUI (graphical user interface) for PostgreSQL development. If you're familiar with SQL Server, pgAdmin is the equivalent of Enterprise Manager.

    psql is a text oriented interface to Pg. It is also the tool of choice for batch scripting, as you can pass SQL text files to it using the command line.

    Some commands are available via standalone apps using the command line: Backup, Restore, Createdb, etc.

    Review the documentation - it's all 'in there.'

    PostgreSQL, 2nd edition, by Douglas & Douglas, is a well written reference, as well.
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