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    Unanswered: Creating reports w/ calculations

    Anyone know how I can create a report that calculates the answer of dividing one field by another? They have the same primary key and everything but are located in different tables. What would I type in on the query's criteria?

    = what?


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    select a.mycolumn / b.divisor as aRatio from a.mytable
    join b.atable on b.atable.amatchingcolumn = a.mytable.othermatchingcolumn

    or in the query designer
    plonk both tables onto the design surface
    make sure there is a link /ri established. if bnopt already you may need to create on. IIRC you drag the column form one table to the column on the other tables. set the link properties as required

    type the details of your formula

    aRatio: table1.columnblah / table2.columnblahdiblah

    mind you I would want to question why I had more than one table with an identical design.. sounds very very suspect to me
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    Well I have a table keeping track of all my cost data with (Serial #, unit #, Date of record, maintenance cost) and I have another table with the mileage readings on equipment(Serial #, Unit #, Date, mileage)

    I want to divide the cost from that period by the mileage for that period to get my cost per hour. I wonder if a report should do all of this or a query?

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