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    Unanswered: Date Stamping

    I have an issue that could be fixed with several different solutions. I just don't know how to go about doing them.

    In the database the way records are found is by an id number.
    Example: 1-1235
    My boss would like to update records, but not overwrite a record.
    Example: He filters for the id number 1-1235, he then clicks the update button, which copies all the information to a new record, then makes the changes needed. So what I basically end up with is 1-1235(record#1), 1-1235(record#2).

    The problem is when we go to do a search for a record after, we are filtering by id#, I need a way to know which 1-1235 is the newest or oldest or what ever date he needs to find.(these are for specification records for packaging which is why we need to keep all the old records)

    I figure there is 2 different ways I could accomplish this.
    1. Have the id number(eg. 1-1235) combine with the date stamp. Thus creating a new field that would look like 1-1235+Date. This way when the drop down menu is selected for filtering we would see.
    1-1235 07/25/2009 10:00am
    1-1235 07/27/2009 5:30pm

    2. Or could I use two group filters. First the user could select the id they want. (eg. 1-1235) This would filter the 2nd filter. The 2nd filter could then show all the different dates availble for this id. This would allow the user to pick whatever date they want.

    Which way would be better to accomplish this, and how would I do it?

    Thanks for your help.
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    This could be a classic "slowly changing dimension" issue that describes the challenge of row versioning. In short, there is no great answers for modeling this concept in a relational database. However, there are a few best-practice patterns to choose from.

    Have a look and see what you think:

    Slowly changing dimension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    if your id 1-12345 is manually generated then I'd consider appending a version number on the back of the number
    eg 1-12345.00, 12345.01 aqnd so on

    you would probably be best to make the tabel insert only, that should stop most people trying to update
    you would have to intercept the before update event and write a record.
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    I'll have a look at those pages and see what I can do.


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