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    Unanswered: How do I calculate fields in two tables on a query/report?

    I have two tables carrying data entered in by a form.
    Cost Data table (Serial #, Unit #, Date of Record, Maintenance Cost) and

    Meter Reading table(Serial #, Unit #, Date of Record, Meter Reading)

    I want to divide Maintenance Cost by Meter Reading to get my cost per hour and I want a report to show this. I also need to figure out a big problem I'm having. As these meter readings are entered in, they sometimes start over if they're replaced. How would I get Access to add the next meter reading to the previous? For instance...

    Period 1 meter reading is at 500 hours
    Period 2 meter reading is at 150 hours

    The real usage for that period is 650 hours. Any ideas?

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    Hi hornedfrogs123, have you figured this one out yet? I have the same issue!

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    I still can't figure out what the problem is.

    How do you calculate fields that are in two different tables? The same way you would in one table.

    I want to divide Maintenance Cost by Meter Reading to get my cost per hour
    CPH: [Maintenance Cost] / [Meter Reading]

    So, did that help? I doubt it.

    The other problem should be in a DIFFERENT topic.
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