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    Unanswered: Can't OPEN database

    I have an Oracle 10g database on a Win2003 server. It's a DEV server. I started testing an application that changes the data in the database.

    Before I started that, I zipped up the ORADATA directory but forgot to include the REDO logs (at the time of the backup). I now want to revert to using the data that I zipped up but because of the errors in the current REDO log, I can't recover to the previous state.

    Is there anything I can do to get the db to OPEN (it currently only mounts) without the REDO logs? I have the control logs and all datafiles. And I don't care about the current data.

    Also, due to other circumstances, when I start the db, it automaticly mounts. That is, I can't run "startup nomount". When I shutdown, I get disconnected from the DB, the only way to connect is to restart a service which starts the db but then I'm in the mount state agin.


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    you don't need the old redo logs to startup a cold-backup of a database.
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    You should be able to connect using SQLPLUS from the command line. Also, the service should not need to be brought down. The database state is not necessarily the same as the Windows Service state.

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    Thanks for the comments...

    Normally, when you shutdown a database, you don't lose the connection to the database. That is, if I enter shutdown and then startup, I am allowed to do that. With this system, when I type sutdown and then type startup, it says I am no longer connected to the db. When I try to connect, I get a TNS error. Can't resolve the name - or something like that. The only way for me to resolve this erro is to restart this service. (A service created for this system). But starting the service automatically brings the db to the MOUNT state. Is there a way to go from MOUNT to NOMOUNT without going to shutdown first? (I think not).

    Duck - I had the ORADATA directory restored from a zip file, but the db wouldn't OPEN, it only got to the MOUNT state. So I tried several commads to get it to open. Or to rebuild or repair or restore... nothing seemed to work.

    However, my problem is resolved. I found a ghost image of this system so I just reapplied the ghost and now everything is working. I'm under a time crunch or I would have spent more time trying to get it to work.

    Anyway, thanks again for the responses.


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