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    Question Unanswered: Start HADR cannot complete...


    I was trying to setup a HADR for the sample database on two servers
    under the windows environment.
    I am using IBM DB2 9.5 FP "0" and windows server 2003 SP2.
    I set up the configuration parameters correctly on both the primary
    server and standby server.
    First I tried with GUI which run fune till the point it reaches
    "update services file".
    and then it threw an error which was like javaw.exe : application
    and then the control center exits.
    Then I tried to set up manually .and It run fine till I start primary
    DB2 start HADR on db SAMPLE as primary
    the error it gives is different when I run it different time with RC=1
    and RC=99 and RC=8

    SQL1767N Start HADR cannot complete. Reason code = "1".

    Standby server is running successfully.

    can somebody please tell me what I am missing?

    Thanks ,

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    Did you take an online backup of the primary and restore it on the secondary?

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    The database was not in roll forward-pending or roll
    forward-in-progress state when the START HADR AS STANDBY command
    was issued.
    this is the explanation for reason code 1

    and the user response

    Initialize the standby database from a backup image or a split
    mirror of the primary database, then reissue the START HADR AS
    STANDBY command.
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    I have taken online backup on the Primary server and restored it on Standby.
    Now I am getting the error with reason code:99
    All I can find on Info center is :
    An internal error occurred during HADR startup.

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    after the restore and setting all db cfg settings - hadr should be started on standby - when this is finished - start hadr on primary that will contact the standby--
    the standby db should always be in rollforward state - to apply the log from primary - have a look at info center for details about hadr scenario
    Initializing high availability disaster recovery (HADR)
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