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    Question Unanswered: Maybe a simple question?

    I posted something similar on this before, but am still unclear on what I need to do.

    I have one form in my database in which i use to enter workmans compensation claims. for instance, name social security number etc.

    I have a second form I use to house a different form of this information. Instead of retyping the information in form #1 in form #2, am I able to create a button that will just import the data?


    In form #1 I want to import record 20 for John Doe into form #2. well instead of having to type all this in form #2 can't I just make a command to import the fields I want?

    Let me know if this makes sense or if more info is needed. Thanks.

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    Well, you can, but generally should not. You would store the key value from the table behind form 1 and store that in the table behind form 2. That would enable you to get at that info in a query.

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    You should not but if you really want to, try something like this:

    1) In the Source form class module:
    Forms!<DestinationForm>.<Control>.Value = Me.<Control>.Value
    2) In the Destination form class module:
    Me.<Control>.Value = Forms!<DestinationForm>.<Control>.Value
    3) From anywhere in VBA:
    Forms!<DestinationForm>.<Control>.Value = Forms!<SourceForm>.<Control>.Value
    Private Sub Command_Synchro_Click()
    ' On Form1
        Forms!Form2.Text0.Value = Me.Text4.Value
    End Sub
    This implies that <SourceForm> and <DestinationForm> are both open, of course!

    There are several ways to include the process in a loop for dealing with multiple controls.

    Have a nice day!

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