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    Unanswered: Brightstor Enterprise start-up errors

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help with an issue i'm facing while trying to start Brightstor.

    After running the csetup command and entering the server and domain details in Putty I am getting the following error:

    'Preparing for Ingres installation on SunOS

    Please specify the full installation path for Ingres,
    if this is your first time setting up Ingres.

    Hit Enter or specify the correct path, if you already
    have installed Ingres (/opt/ingresii):
    Ingres is not running at this moment. We need to start it in order to continue the setup
    Starting ingres...

    Ingres is already running. Use ingstop to shut down the system.

    ingstart has been called
    Error starting ingres. Please refer to the /opt/ingresii/ingres/files/errlog.log file
    BrightStor EB database server setup cancelled.

    Please re-run csetup!!

    The errlog.log file shows the following:

    'E_DM9232_DM0L_ALLOCATE Error initializing the logging system and allocating the logging context.
    E_DM007F_ERROR_STARTING_SERVER Could not start the server due to an internal error.
    E_DM1051_JSP_NO_INSTALL The installation is not currently running. Run INGSTART then try again.
    E_DM1001_JSP_INIT An error occurred initializing the journal support program. Make sure program is installed and/or you are running with proper privilege.'

    Any ideas how to get past this and complete the setup will be appreciated.


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    My first guess is that your Ingres transaction log has disappeared. Unfortunately if you are unfamiliar with Ingres, checking that is needlessly difficult.

    Run a utility called cbf with no arguments. Highlight the line with Transaction Log and choose "Configure" from the menu at the bottom of the page. Note the file name of the log, then cd to the Primary Transaction Log location that is shown, then cd to ./ingres/log within it.

    Look for the file name you noted, with a .l01 suffix. If you don't see it, that's your problem. Depending on how it disappeared it may be easy or hard to restore. DO NOT restore it from a backup. Call tech support for advice. They may just tell you to recreate it, which takes two minutes, or you may have a serious problem, with loss of committed transactions and data.

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    Hi quelgeek

    Thanks for the info, I have run the cbf utility and can see the Transaction Log, once highlighted I cant seem to get to the Configure option. Any suggestions how to do this?

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