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    Unanswered: "Slony-I creation scripts not available; only joining possible"

    Hi All,

    I am not very familiar to Ppstgre DBs.
    When I try to initiate a new Slony cluster in the PgAdmin interface, the
    status-bar says "Slony-I creation scripts not available; only joining
    possible" ..

    OS : windows
    PostgreSQL version : 8.4

    I fallowed some solutions like

     Xxid.sql, slony1_funcs.sql, slony1_base.sql file copy and rename as a Xxid.v84.sql, slony1_funcs.v84.sql, slony1_base.v84.sql

     All this script copy in to C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder

     In pgadmin option’s specified correct patch like “C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.4\share”

    But the problem persists.

    Could you help me?
    Are there any solution?

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    slony-I scripts not found only joining possible

    to solve this go file->options
    open options set:
    slony-I path eg:C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.3\share

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    Still same

    This is 8.4 so i entered "C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.4\share" in slony-I path.

    still same error,

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    Procmon trace reveals truth

    I found that because I installed pgadmin3 1.10 separately, pgadmin was looking for the slony scripts in its install directory. Here's what I would do to find out where its' looking.
    • Download Sysinternals Procmon and run it.
    • Start PGAdmin then Procmon.
    • At the initial filter screen choose Process Name from the drop down box and fill the name field with PGADMIN3.EXE and click add, apply, ok.
    • Start capture and go to pg admin and try to create a new cluster. once the dialog with the Slony-I creation scripts message comes up, switch to procmon and look for a line that should be as follows:

    PGAdmin3.EXE #### *QueryOpen C:\Program Files\...\...\xxid.v80.sql NAME NOT FOUND

    That indicates it can't find the script at the specified path. Copy the script into that directory and VOILA!

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