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    Unanswered: How to code this

    I have form that has these fields [SaleDate], [BarcodeNO], [ProdName], [ProductPrice],[ProducMaxNO], [ProductStock] and [ProductEndNO].

    [ProductStock] is look up table and it has three choices [Onshelf], [MaxNumber], [BackStock] which is 1, 2 and 3. the default is Onshelf what I like to do is when each record's [ProductEndNO] = [ProductMaxNO] to change the [ProductStock] from default to [BackStock] or 3 automaticaly and give warning telling the person "Do you want to Back stock this Item] with yes and no yes changing to BackStock and NO leaving the way it was before and directing to change the [ProductEndNO] . All the fields are text except [SaleDate] ,[ProductStock] and [ProductPrice]

    I attached sample of my data

    Please help

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