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    Unanswered: NULL and Empty strings...

    Running Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production

    I came across this problem 8 (yes, that's right EIGHT) years ago when I first tried to port our software to Oracle (I think at the time it was 8i or something).
    I just cannot believe I'm here again...
    The port has now been resurrected, this time to 11g and it’s STILL a problem.
    Now after all this time I was sure that Oracle would have sorted it - BUT NO - still the same problem.
    Trying to insert an empty string into a NOT NULL column results in "ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL…" - no, NO, NOOOOOO…
    Surely after all this time and all the negativity regarding this ‘problem’ you must now be able to distinguish between an empty string and NULL? – Seems not…
    We have a very large product which I have successfully ported from SQL Server to Informix and DB2 but once again it looks like this fundamental difference from all the other vendors will kill it dead.

    Test scenario:

    create table mytable
    mycol1 NVARCHAR2 (10) NOT NULL,
    mycol2 NVARCHAR2 (10)

    insert into mytable (mycol1, mycol2) values (NULL, NULL)
    -- obviously fails

    insert into mytable (mycol1, mycol2) values ('', '')
    -- fails! - I'm starting to cry at this point

    insert into mytable (mycol1, mycol2) values (' ', '')
    -- works - am literally sobbing now


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    Check what Justin Cave (Oracle ACE) and Tom Kyte, Oracle Vice President have said about the issue.

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