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    Unanswered: How to save the diacritics in SQL Server 2005


    I am unable to save these characters [Ć,Ń,Ś] in the same format in the database. once i save in my databse it shows me [C,N,S].

    My stored proc saves the data in the below way :

    SET @NameInXML = CONVERT(VARCHAR(27),(@EntryXML.query('data(/Entity/Details/FirstName)') ))

    Is this beacuse i convert the Name in varchar. If so, kindly suggest me an alternative such that i can save both C,N,S and Ć,Ń,Ś in the database.

    Can anyone help me out as how to save the above characters in the same font as it has been passed.

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    Is this beacuse i convert the Name in varchar.
    Yes. you are right. The datatype should be NVARCHAR or NCHAR.
    where N stands for National Character
    SET @NameInXML = CONVERT(NVARCHAR(27),(@EntryXML.query('data(/Entity/Details/FirstName)') ))

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