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    Unanswered: Query help - cannot have memo,ole or hyperlink object in aggregate argument

    I'm fairly new to access and cannot figure out how to properly sum up table entries using a query. I am trying to do a count of all Years and add up all Service Reports by year, by their names. I created a field for year that takes the year value of each date associated with each service report -
    Year: Year([ServiceCompletedDate]) which works fine. I have an expression that also counts the years and adds up similar years which works fine as - Count: Count([Year])
    However, since I want to add up the Service Names with the dates I choose sum under them, but this causes the error. How can I add the service types together with common years so I can see how many of the same service reports were done by year? I thought this way made sense but I keep getting this error no matter what. All data is being queried from the same table. Thanks for any assistance.

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    The error message implies that you're trying to apply an aggregate function (count, sum, max, etc) to a data type that cannot be used in aggregate functions. Check the field type of the Service Names field.

    Also, did you really mean to say that you selected Sum under the Service Names field? Sum will only work on numeric data.
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    Maybe you need Count instead of Sum?
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