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    Unanswered: referencing multiple worksheets

    Hi all
    I need help on referencing multifple sheets in a workbook. I have designed a workbook with 12 worksheets. 10 for individuals and 2 summary sheets. The individual sheets each contain a daily log for each day of the month. For ex. the first week of July contains 4 days of logs because it begins on a Wed. The second, third, fourth and fifth week has the normal seven days of logs. Each day begin in the same cell on each sheet ie B4-B10 for day 7/5 B12-B18 for day 7/6 etc. One of the summary sheets rolls up all totals for individuals days. I use the "=" in the cell to reference back to the individual sheets. I have done this for each day of the month. The problem is that when the month changes and doesnt fall on the same day as the previous month; I have to spend a lot of time changing the cells because there not in the same cell. Is there another way to this? This is very tideous. I hope your following me because I don't give good directions. I am going to try to attach a sample to show what Im referring too.
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    Howdy. Just thinking out loud. Perhaps consider rearrangement of data entry. Why not add a column (A) for the day of the month and have everything within columns B-Q, which would allow for strict vertical data entry. Then you could have a hidden sheet with the days according to weeks (table), one for each month of the year and do the lookup based on the month, then appropriate table (name each table and use that name for the lookup). For the summaries, you can use lookup summaries using SUMIF or SUMPRODUCT.

    Then you wouldn't have to redo any worksheets.
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