Hi folks,

I Have recently upgraded my 4gl from 7.31HC3 to 7.32HC1 in one of my test servers.we are unable to build the application after the upgrade.
am getting errors like

10934 gmake: *** [/xxx/yyy/zzz/lib/bcklib.a(bckpart.o)] Error 1
10958 gmake: *** [/xxx/yyy/zzz/lib/bcklib.a(bckmm.o)] Error 1

when i checked the log am getting errors like

10937 c4gl -s -Ae -Dhpux -I/[/xxx/yyy/zzz/src/h -I/[/xxx/yyy/zzz/incl
10938 -I/app/common/informix/infx_7.32/incl/tools -I/[/xxx/yyy/zzz/src/globals -c bckpart.4gl
10939 i4glc2: Cannot open input file 'bckpart.4ec'
10941 gmake: *** [[/xxx/yyy/zzz/lib/bcklib.a(bckpart.o)] Error 1

anyhelp greatly appreciated.