Is anyone here very familiar with ACL in 11g? Need your help.
I need to verify if my understanding is correct.

1 to many unique Host/Port combination, can be linked to 1 .xml file which is then linked to 1 to many principal(s)(DB user)

I am going to privide a code to create an ACL for a specific host and port, however I also have to somehow anticipate that there is a possibility the host and port is already created, but has different principal/ connection/grant values.
Since a certain Host and port combination is only valid for one ACL file, what I plan to do is remove the Host/port from the current ACL file it is connected to and then create a new ACL file which has the same privileges(principal/ connection/grant) as the original one plus the new one I'll be creating and then link the Host/port to the new ACL file.

Do you think that with this changes the original ACL values will be preserved?