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    Unanswered: Print a Report page at a time as its being prepared.

    I am looking at an Access DB to store results from an Athletics meeting. Which are entered as they come in on the day. I am using Excel to sort the data and to check athlete numbers. The results are then transferred to Access from Excel using a macro in Excel. We also have other results stored from other meetings in the same DB.

    I would like to print out the results as they are entered into the db when there is a full page. An example would be when results make a report that is over one page long , then page one is printed. After adding some more results that makes the report more than two pages page two is printed and only page two. This would carry on until all the results were entered.
    I am using Office 2003.
    Thanks in advance Jim.

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    h'm lets see
    doing data entry and validation in Excel, analysis in Access.. niot the way I'd expect to approach an app.
    Excel is to easy to tinker with and cause subtle errors.. far better to handle the whole app in Access in my books

    when you print the report just print page 2, or page 3......
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    Thanks for the quick reply. The main reason I am useing excel are two fold
    1. Useing the conditional format to identify errors on entry i.e. Athlete number 123 is Under15 entered in U13 race cell turns red. 2. Can enter the results in any order then sort to longest jump or throw etc.
    I am relitivly new to access and thats why I am using excel.
    I was looking for some help on how to trigger the report automatically as I entered data using VBA if that is possible or is that a tall order. Something like generate report store last page printed in a variable, how many pages are their in the report, print next page.

    e.g. PageVar=3 ReportVarPages=5 If ReportVarPages - PageVar >2 then
    print page PageVar

    Hope this makes sence and that I have explained myself clearly.

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