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    Unanswered: Securing user/password on a UNIX env


    We need to run some SQL query during some automated processes each night. To do so, we have kept the oracle user/pass in user AAA .profile
    The problem is that a lots of people can potentially read the content of AAA's .profile. As it is right now, we cannot do otherwise. the .profile needs to be read by many users if they have to launch the batch processes that run the SQL query.

    The other constraint I have is that I don't want anybody to access the Database. (ie, no externally identified users)

    Is there a way I can hide the user/password for good, and still be able to connect to the database using automated mechanism? (I still need to run those SQL query on a daily basis)

    Bottom line:
    Many users can connect on Unix.
    None of these user should be able to connect to the database.
    Each of them can potentially run some "End-of-day" batches and will need to run some SQL query, using a specific oracle user. (I don't want them to be able to know the user/pass)

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    We wrote a python program that does this. You pass in the user and instance and it returns the matching password. The permissions are set so that only our job submission user can run it.

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