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    Unanswered: how to recover dropped table on DB2 z/OS


    If I drop my table by mistake - how to recover on DB2 z/OS? Can I recover my table if I don't have backup?

    Thank you.

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    I haven't worked with the MF since v7, so I can't say for certain about newer versions, but I don't think the dropped table recovery has been enacted on the mainframe. Therefore; no, you can't.

    The schema and data have to come from somewhere, and if you haven't got a backup you don't have anything once the table is dropped.

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    I think you couldnt recover your table without backup.
    Best regrads,
    Danny Utro.

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    D.Utro is correct. If you don't have an Image copy of the table space, there is nothing to recover.

    The only hope you might have is if you did NOT define you Table spaces with a STOGROUP. If you defined your own files, they are still on disk even though the table space is no longer defined to DB2.

    In you didn't use a STOGROUP and the VSAM files still exist, I would look up the DSN1COPY command. It makes an 'image copy' outside of DB2 and the only difference between a real Image copy is it is not recorded in the SYSCOPY table.

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    Thank you. I looked up the DSN1COPY command but still don't understand how to recover my table if I still have the VSAM file but no backup. Do you have any examples?

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