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    Unanswered: Trying to leave blank in combobox

    I have a combobox which I want to be able to leave a blank rather than a item in the list. The field is a autonumber field. But I get a "You tried to assign the Null value to a variable that is not a Variant data type" error. I have limit to list property set to no.

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    Not a good idea to make the autonumber field a combobox (Why would you ever need to "edit" a field that is not editable anyway?)

    If you are trying to make a "search" type field, make a new unbound combobox and then set the focus to the autonumber field to do your "Docmd.FindRecord" (or changing your recordsource.)

    ex: (FComboboxName is my unbound combobox and my autonumber field is the 1st column and my name is the 2nd column)

    Private sub FComboboxName_AfterUpdate()
    Docmd.FindRecord me!FComboboxName
    End sub

    The above example is assuming you're opening the form with ALL records as you can only "find" records within the recordsource of the form.
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    As pkstormy wrote above, what you try to do is not a very good idea, at least if I understand your question correctly.

    However, for inserting an "extra" row into a list or a combo, see: Forms: Adding "All" to a listbox or combobox

    Have a nice day!

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