I am designing tables for Questionnaire/Survey system. Most of the tables I already have are fairly typical (ie documents, questions, responses, choices, answers) but I came across an existing questionnaire that contains one section formatted as follows.

Stable (complete pre & post on all cases)
                                                              Pre       Post
Date of Administration                                      _______   _______
  1. SSI
      1. # positive influences                                 __        __
      2. # negative influences                                 __        __
      3. positive influences - negative influences             __        __
      Final "SSI" Score                                        __        __

   2. Deficits
       1. Capacity...                                          __        __
There are 5 sub sections each with X number of questions under this Stable section. The actual "questions" above are in my question table but I am not sure what to do with the Pre/Post items and the SSI/Deficit items. I will need to find a suitable structure to satisfy queries such as

find all questionnaires whose Pre or Post 'Final SSI Score' = X or
find all questionnaires whose Pre '# positive influences' > Post '# of positive influences'