I hope to find you all well.

I am having some issues where I am looking for additional support.

Do you have any material/documents or books that you know off, preferably by some famous guy that explains about the HDS (historical data store), EL (enterprise layer) or the UL (user layer)?

I have been using this for about 20 years and probably too used to working with it but over here few people know what it is.

I need to find some reference material...

I need to prove that by having an HDS/EL/UL, a company is indeed building a high quality data warehouse. We both know this to be a standard but to some people a data warehouse is Kimble and Kimble only.

We don’t have a staging area, the data has no constraints, has lots of errors but other parts of our company are building a so called DW straight from lowest quality data, using no staging and everyone is happy.

Can anyone help?