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    Unanswered: Access Database - Required fields

    I have 2 databases where I've set up certain fields to be required or not null.
    The fields are required, at the table level, based on a Validation Rule and Validation Text not by setting the property Required to Yes. In one database, this is working perfectly. If a user doesn't fill out one of the "required" fields and tries to close the form using a "close form " command button, the user keeps getting the Validation Text message until they enter data in the field.

    In the other database, the "this field is required message" only pops up if the user closes the form using the built-in X in the corner of the form. If the "close form" command button is used, the form just closes without popping up the validation text. It just seems to be ignoring the validation rules and validation text messages that have been set up.

    The database where this is working correctly was created a few years ago in Access 2000 and later converted to Access 2003. The database where the validation isn't working was created in Access 2003. That's the only difference between the 2 that I can think of.

    Any suggestions?

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    The Validation properties only function during the edit of the field to which the validation properties belong.

    Either use the required property or examine the fields in your BeforeUpdate event procedure.
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    As Trekker pointed out, Validation Rules validate that data entered is correct, according to the rules you've set. They don't check to see if any data actually was entered!

    As to the messagebox popping up if the user closes with the X but not if they use a custom Close button genarated by the Wizard, this is a recognized bug that's been present for years, and only fixed with v2007.

    The code generated by the Wizard uses


    which, as you've found, closes the form without any Warning that validation has been violated. What you haven't noticed yet, apparently, is that it not only doesn't throw up the warning, it also dumps the unvalidated record, rather than saving it to the table!

    The fix for this is quite simple. Find the code for the Close button, and add this line before it, to force a save, which then trips the validation warning:

    If Me.Dirty Then Me.Dirty = False

    so that you end up with

    If Me.Dirty Then Me.Dirty = False
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    Hope this helps!

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