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    Membership Database

    A bit of the spec I require.

    Membership Database.

    Data needs to be inputted from an admin (myself or committee member), and must allow other users (retailers) to be able to search the database to find a membership number/address of a member and confirm they are an active member by logging in to a secure area.

    If the member is active(as membership is annual) the search will need to issue a search reference and show certain details of the membership.

    If the member is not active (perhaps due to expired membership or not being on the membership list) nothing will be needed to be given as the search wont return a result and says something like 'try again'

    If the same database could be used to verify members to users (non retailers) to confirm they are active members without giving member information away. For example. User searches a membership number. It returns a yes or no. IF yes with a search reference.

    I have no idea what this sort of database costs, and budget is not very big (Due to non profit status of the association this is required for). Im looking for the most basic of basic to do the job we need.

    I have a visual spec of what I require if it helps. is my contact address.

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    Membership Database,

    Please give me a call at 240-602-1648
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