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    Unanswered: Update records in MS Access database

    Hi, I am new to Access database.

    I have been assign a task to update records in an OLD MS access database.

    I learned through internet that one of the best way to update multiple records is through an UPDATE query. The DB I has multiple tables, forms etc. my questions are:

    1) if I update a record value in a table is it going to be updated in all tables/forms etc.

    2) how to update recorsd as below

    Old vrecords new record
    www ppp
    eee ddd
    w101 K878


    Pls advise


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    1. Forms just display the data so will update automatically.
    Tables don't. If the tales are linked by a record ID and only one record has the data, all instances will be up to date. If the data if duplicated in several tables, it will not. So it depends on how it was setup.

    2. If you are trying to mass update changes to a table, then the Update query is the right thing to use.


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