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    Unanswered: Subform help

    Hello, very new to access so any help would be appreciated!

    I am trying to reorganize an already set up database.

    I work in a hospital setting and have multiple forms for each questionaire that the patients have to fill out. However some questionaires are to long to fit into one table, so we had to split up the questionaire into three separate forms, which is a pain because for each time they fill out the questionaire we have to fill in the subject ID number, visit number, date, etc. (which leaves more room for error and is time consuming)

    I am now trying to combine the three separate forms by making one main form with heading, visit, date. subject ID, and the three forms as subforms on three separate tabs. I want to try and make it so we only have to enter in the ID, Visit number date etc once, and all three sub forms get updated.

    I am able to link the ID, so all 3 ID's fill out, but can;t seem to figure out how to link the other fields (have tried Oncurrent, Setvalue, etc. but will only work for 1 form).

    Any suggestions, or any way other easier way to do this!? Thanks so much!

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    Have you considered using a Page Break on the form and using page up/down to access the fieds/controls (with ID data in the form header) or, preferably(?) using a Tab Control and putting related data on different tabs (again ID data would be on the main form).


    Just a thought


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    Thanks so much for your response. The problem is that because the questionaire is so long it had to be broken into three separate tabels (i think maybe i could try squeezing it into two). So it;'s important that the ID info (date, etc.) get's updated into all three tabels so that when we go to analyze the data we make sure we are matching up the correct data from the same day.

    Do you know how to make it so the header info get's updated into all three tabels?

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