This is infuriating me - and hopefully is simlpe enough for those 'in the know'.

I am using SQL 2000 Reporting Services - and manually editing the RDL. "All" I want to do is to set a default display value of "today's" date in a parameter box - but I can so far only get the default to display the date WITH a time stamp.

The RDL snippet is:

<ReportParameter Name="DateTo">
<Prompt>Date To (DD/MM/YYYY):</Prompt>

the above "now" produces the value "06/08/2009 13:26:32" - but I don't want the time part to show.

Similarly "today" produces "06/08/2009 00:00:00" again - the timestamp is there.

I've managed to display the correct date by changing the DataType to String and hacking off the final characters, but that seems fundamentally wrong as I want the parameter to be a valid date.

Hopefully this is possible (it must be!) and hopefully the above makes sense.

Thanks in advance!