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    Unanswered: Choice of front end for web - for a "non programmer"

    Good morning:

    Up until now I've build my databases in Access. I am not a programmer - but do have "some" programming - vba, c, c++ in the past, so I have some basic understanding.

    I'd like to build a database on a web site, and do the things I normally would do via access. I also would like the front end coding to be unreadable (can't view my code), so I'd like to build it, and compile the front end to make it secure. Moreover, the Mysql backend will have data that will be decoded by the front end so that someone can't just "dip into the tables" and access my data.

    What would be a good front end to use to accomplish this? As I say, if I were not worried about having it on the web I'd have a SQL Server database (backend) and accde for the front end. I can easily build that, so that gives you an understanding of where I am at (also that my programming classes were something like 15+ years ago [c++ was the hot new language]).


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    Any front end web scripting language would work. When the web server parses the script, the only thing that is passed to the client is the output, not the SQL language or any of the scripting done to execute the query.

    I personally use PHP, but or any of the other many languages will work.
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    if you got up to speed with classes and OOP then Java, C# or ASP.Net should be OK. PHP tends to be a common choice for web development with MySQL backends

    if you choose to go down the PHP & MySQL route then you can download the whole lot from XAMPP
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