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    Unanswered: physical log might be too small


    We are getting following error while checking checkpoints

    "Based on the current workload, the physical log might be too small
    to accommodate the time it takes to flush the buffer pool during
    checkpoint processing. The server might block transactions during checkpoints.
    If the server blocks transactions, increase the physical log size to
    at least 158400 KB."

    Currently we have 375 active connections and according to physical log formula we need only 60000 size

    Formula for physical log = active connection * 160

    Kindly help us for resolving this issue.

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    Place Physical Log on a seperate Dbspace


    Try Placing Physical Log On a Separate DBSpace and Increase the size to the recommended one..Even though that warning is coming in online.log message file , you will not get the problem..


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