Hi all

I've got a question around data movement between Sybase and SQL Server 2005.

We currently run our system on Sybase ASE 12.5, but we'll be implementing SQL Server 2005 over time. For instance, we'll start stripping out parts of our application to start running on SQL Server 2005, but our main system will still be on Sybase ASE 12.5. Eventually we'll port our entire system to SQL Server 2005.

Until then though, we need a way of moving data between the 2 servers. Data amendments need to happen on the SQL Server, which needs to replicate back to Sybase, and when data amendments happen on the Sybase side, that data needs to replicate to SQL Server as well. The catch is that we want to be able to easily control the data being moved, ie. 'pausing' replication for a certain period of time if need be.

Are there any tools out there that can manage this sort of process, keeping in mind that it should be able to do both-way replication between Sybase and SQL Server?

Thanks a lot!