We have an Access program that generates reports based on linked tables. The physical tables are located in an .mdb-file that is generated nightly by the DataWareHouse that is run outside our company. The DataWareHouse zips that .mdb-file and stores it in Shareopoint, our intranet. Our users now have to manually download a .zip-file from our intranet, unzip it and store the extracted .mdb in a certain folder.

So what have they got to do? :
1) download DWHResults.zip file from our intrant
2) extract (unzip) DWHResults.mdb from the .zip file and store it in the folder T:\reports\reports2009\DWHResults.mdb
3) open Reports.mdb file and generate the needed reports. Reports.mdb does not contain any physical tables, only linked tables, forms, queries and the like.

Occasionally the users forget to download the most recent data from our intranet, so the generated reports are based on old data.

I wrote a test to see if the data in Reports.mdb is stale, and a MsgBox that warns them accordingly but it would be a lot better if the most recent .mdb would be downloaded and unzipped automatically on startup. But I have no clue as of how to do that. I don't have a lot of programming experience in Access.

I also don't know where to best place this automatic sub. I tried to place it in the on_open event of the form that opens at startup, but I can't get any MsgBox to display.