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    Talking Unanswered: Help Needed With Access

    I want to import a text file into an Access 2007 Database. The text file is as follows:

    Beat Time, 1967 Williams: $350.00
    Project game. Backglass 8, playfield 7, cabinet 7.
    David Hoover
    Trivoli, Illinois
    Posted: 7 August 2009

    Big Hurt, 1995 Gottlieb: $1200
    One of 4 games listed, only wish to sell one title. Nice game. Average + condition. Excellent gameplay. Manual and new glove included. Please call and leave message for pics. Pics will be available on 8/8. Other games listed are Bram Stoker's Dracula, Jig Saw, and Cross Town.
    Harry James Irvin, Phone: 610-967-1476
    Macungie, Pennsylvania, near Allentown - 50 miles north of Philadelphia
    Posted: 7 August 2009

    Bobo, 1960 Williams: 1500$
    Backglass is an 8 and is sealed with triple thick, playfield is a 9 and missing one lense insert. Cabinet has had a professional repaint. Paperwork all there in original Williams envelopes. Buyer arranges shipping.
    Robert Barake, Phone: 514-761-1552
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3E 1G3
    Posted: 7 August 2009

    These are 3 sample listings. As you can see.....

    1st Line with each data group includes:
    Pinball Name, Year Made, Manufacturer, Asking Price

    2nd Line with each data group includes:
    Pinball Game Description (Varying Length - As shown here the data may occupy several lines, but in my text file the Pinball Game Description is completely contained on the 2nd line of every data group.

    3rd Line with each data group includes:
    Seller Name, Seller Phone, Seller Email

    4th Line with each data group includes:
    City, State, Zip, Country

    5th Line with each data group includes:
    Post Date

    Could someone please tell me how to import this text file into a Access 2007 Database? I would be very grateful.



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    f there's always five rows of data for each group and a blank line between groups, as you have listed, you can do the following:
    1. Use the attached Convert.xls Excel file
    2. Paste the data starting with the first line line into Excel, under the "Text" column header
    3. Run the GetRecords macro
    4. The data you need should now be in columns B through K

    You may have to do some cleaning up with the data, but it should be quite a bit easier now.


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