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    Unanswered: Compare multiple result sets

    How to compare multiple result sets with a set of values? Here is the scenario..

    My query returns me multiple results(one column of data) and I want compare all the data at once with a set of data. For example my query returns 1,2,3 and I want compare the result set with (1,3), can I do that using a query with out using stored procedures? Obviously using the in clause isn't working(i.e., (1,2,3) in (1,3)), any other alternative.


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    anil_kodali, one thing that comes to mind is two IN claues.
    WHERE (
              VAL1 IN(SELECT COL1 FROM table-name WHERE...)
              VAL2 IN(SELECT COL1 FROM table-name WHERE...)
    I don't know if you want either value (OR) in the list or both values (AND). You can adjust as needed.

    You might try writing the SELECT COL1... in a Common Table Expression.

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    Depending on whether you are interested in matching or non-matching rows, you should use the INTERSECT or EXCEPT relational operator.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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