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    Red face Unanswered: how to retrieve postgres data from a flex3 application ?

    hi !

    i build a user interface in Adobe Flex3, i need to get data from a distant postgres server.
    i don't find a way to connect, SQL, get data from the server !
    any example of a basic case (populate a list via table ) ?

    if there any way to ask server by a xml technology ? like XML-RPC...

    i can't imagine ADOBE forget to integrate some Postgres method in ActionScript 3...

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    They didn't forget, you don't connect directly to any database directly from Flex. You need a middle tier (java, python, php) that brokers requests between the db and the client, and handles authenticating the client.

    The good news is that Postgres is really good for working with XML as is Flex, so your middle tier can be much smaller than traditional web programming.

    I cover Flex, Postgres and Flex in my blog and you may find this article of interest.
    XML in Postgres – The Game Changer Flex and Specs()

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    thanks !
    actually, the server is a xml-rpc interface, driven by python application (OPENERP).

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